A Tidy Cockpit

Gazzetta, Tech

I really hate a messy cockpit with GPS, lights etc spread over the handlebars.  I like to have things aligned and centred if at all possible.

My latest incarnation on #1 comes after swapping out my old Garmin for a Wahoo.

K Edge mount for Integrated Bars



Fitting a K-Edge mount means I have a mount with interchangeable puck.





K-Edge mount with Go Pro mount



That means that I can hang a Go Pro mount underneath.





Headlight with Go Pro style mount



So with a Headlight with a Go Pro style mount from the helmet fitting kit (and a bit of filing).





Wahoo with Headlight underneath.



I can then hang the Headlight under the Wahoo.





Which I just realised gives me a bit of a Starship Enterprise look.  Give me all you’ve got Scottie………….

Starship Enterprise


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August 12, 2019 12:07 pm

I have a similar set up with my BarFly mount. My light (Bontrager Ion) doesn’t have a GoPro style mount, so it attaches with a rubber band mount.

BTW, have been riding with a Wahoo ELEMNT Roam for a little bit now and will hopefully soon have a review of it posted up on PEZ>

August 13, 2019 11:49 am
Reply to  Teocalli

My set up using rubber band to affix my light. I have a Light & Motion front light that has a way to attach a Go Pro style mount, but compared to my Bontragr Ion it’s crap (the battery doesn’t last very long).

August 8, 2019 10:06 am

Always striving for the compact cockpit. Riding with a stem end-cap analogue clock on training bike, my Pedalwan has a digital clock on his road bike and 27.5 as do I on my 29er. LH and RH out front for Garmin. As well as Knog lights. Here and now Garmin seems like a sin! Bugger!

August 7, 2019 2:03 pm

Nice bars – it would be a shame to ruin the flow.

And congrats on ditching the Garmin. Best thing I ever did.

August 12, 2019 12:09 pm
Reply to  Teocalli

To be clear, you mean the routes synced to your Wahoo app on your phone, right? From there, you load whatever route you want to the ELEMNT, Bolt, or Roam for riding. But that’s still a shit-ton of routes, mate!