Il chiacchierio

This is the page for member Posts (chiacchierio).  Members can Post a chat topic or a storyline that is likely to generate comments or have its own history (eg a bike build).

The concept is that this page is a mini Gazzetta for member generated topics that would be likely to have some comments or ongoing history in the first part of the page (Member Posts).

For member intros and general chat please use the Banter page.

The Pain Cave

Into the Cave

Sorry I’ve been a bit absent on updates in the last few weeks, been a bit busy sorting multiple house moves.  Currently 50% through the overall project and taking a…
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Photo:  Stelbel photo, my frame before painting. Stelbel The story begins.  Bike fit booked with Super Domestique in London next week………… Part 1 – Bike Fit Shaping my fit So,…
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If you have a mini story-line to Post please post details below.  Please use Category “Chiaccherio”.

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