Photo:  Stelbel photo, my frame before painting.


The story begins.  Bike fit booked with Super Domestique in London next week…………

Part 1 – Bike Fit

Shaping my fit

So, an interesting day with Elliott at Super Domestique in London.  Started with a set of reference measurements from my Pinarello and the brief was to take that as the start point for something I am familiar with and to tune that based on best recommendations from Elliott.  Superficially at least, we moved things about a bit and seemingly have arrived back as something very close to the Pinarello.  Waiting of the drawings with exact measurements but longitudinally from bars to saddle we are within a millimetre or so of the Pinarello though I think we have changed the offset to the BB a little.

Most significant change is to move from 172.5 crank to 170.  Something I meant to do last time I changed my cranks and then completely forgot till it was too late!

Visually, I have decided to go with a slight slope on the Top Tube.  While I do like the tradition of a horizontal TT, I also have pretty short legs, so a slight slope gives a better balance to the seat post/tube IMHO.

Some options to decide on what type of BB shell to go with and also around cable routing.  Likely to go with external gear cables but internal hydro (the bike will be disc) and a slightly longer chain stay vs the Pinarello to allow me the option of mudguards for winter/wet use and a bit more stability on Gravel.

The frame will be Stainless Steel to be bullet proof for all season use and tyre clearance to 30mm for the odd venture on Gravel.

So a few things still to finalise – not least the colour.  It will be bare Stainless in the rear triangle and colour in the front per the drawing but the precise colour yet to be picked.  Sooo hard when you can have anything (but it won’t be Orange!).



Choices, choices








Part 2 – Sizing

So this is where we are at for my wee frame (in both respects!)….

Stelbel Sizing – by Super Domestique


Part 3 – Decisions

Head Tube Cable Stops

Current feeling is to go with external cable routing with stops on the Head Tube





Part 4 – Spec agreed

So going with Down Tube cable stops as placing them on the Head Tube does move them outboard of the DT a fair bit.  Also considered an oversize T47 BB so that the Hydro cable could route internally but in the end decided with a standard BB and the Hydro cable will exit the DT near the BB and then reenter the right Chain Stay.  It won’t really be visible and I felt that the overall looks would be better with a standard BB shell.

All ready now for me to pay a deposit and then wait a while!

Custom paint job should look good.  Hopefully understated but classy.  You’ll have to wait on that though.

Part 5 – Wait List!

Frame build is scheduled for Sept, starting to feel real now.  Did not intend buying best wheels now till next Spring but when you are offered a set at trade price it’s hard to resist…….

Campag – but which ones….


Part 6 – Groupset.

Well, it has to be Gruppo Campagnolo.  Superdomestique have quoted me for a stunning deal on a groupset.  Thanks Elliott!

So it will be Campagnolo Record with Bora wheels.  I’ll probably run a set of Hunt Four Seasons for gravel/winter use.  Going with 35mm deep rims as I don’t race and I’m reasonably light and not a great fan of uber deep rims anyway.  I also think the medium deep rims will look better with a steel tube frame.

Campagnolo Bora 35mm


Part 7

Groupset arrives – just need the frame now!


Gruppo Groupset


Part 8

Revised date now Jan 2020 due to apparent shortage of the Columbus SS Tubing.  Bit disappointing but hanging in there.

Part 9

After much waiting my frame is now in production and due to head to the paint shop in January.  Starting to feel more real at last!  Should be getting some pre-painting photos soon hopefully.

Part 10

She is built.  Received the post build photos and she is now in paint.  Starting to get exited!  Seems that I have Head Tube cable stops after all but as I was 50:50 between that and down tube I’m happy with that as I was wondering whether I should have spec’d that anyway.  Photo updates of the bare frame.  Fork is ENVE Carbon and will be painted to match the frame.

Part 11

Bergamo finally came out of lockdown and Stelbel have been able to restart and she is painted and finished.  Oddly it’s been so long in germination that I’d forgotten what I spec’d for the Chris King Headset!  I did haver between Blue and Red for the Chris King Headset and Stelbel logo.  I actually thought I’d gone with Blue for a more subdued effect but apparently I did go with Red.  The contrast does look great.

The colour is blended from front to back made up from two colours Bertulessi and Wojtek

It turns out that when the top clear coat was applied the colours are so close that it’s hard to see the fade.  Anyway they have offered to respray it but that would take another month or let me see it, ride it for the Summer and then if I want a higher contrast I can send it back next Winter and they will respray it.  Can’t say fairer than that.

The Stem and Bars will be in matching colour.

So just needs to be shipped to the UK.  So close now.


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February 25, 2021 2:50 am

Joining the Stelbel club. SB/03 arrived today. Build to follow, will take a while.

February 26, 2021 9:39 pm
Reply to  Teocalli

Photos to follow. It’s not a custom spec frame for me but still a perfect fit. This wasn’t exactly a pre-planned project, just an opportunity that came along. I have been wanting a Stelbel for three or more years, so not an impulse buy, either. I have some soul searching to do, N+1 is a little out of control. My (modern) road bikes are all Campag 10 speed builds for compatibility. I wonder if going to the newer 12 speed setup is worth it for this. Some parts might have to come from a sacrificial “N” so I don’t surpass… Read more »

March 25, 2021 5:25 pm
Reply to  Teocalli

OK, here’s a photo (finally). Matching stem and post, not in the pic. Which BB spec is your frame? Stelbel lists a threaded BB now, but this is a PF30. I want to run my Campag ultra torque cranks, so sorting that out has been more complicated than I would have thought. I got a one piece bottom bracket, but found out it doesn’t fit because the shell has a narrower internal diameter. This is looking to be a slow project.

June 9, 2021 11:14 pm
Reply to  Teocalli

OK, we’re Stelbel brothers now, here’s the SB/03 full build, finally finished it I haven’t even done a real ride on it, just went around the block to check shifting, braking and general fit. Mostly old Campag Record 10 components, shown here with the Bora tubulars. I found a PF30 BB that is a direct UltraTorque fit, no converters needed. So far, so good, but everyone says they start creaking later on. I finished it just in time for the heat to arrive here – supposed to be 115* (46C) by next week.

June 11, 2021 1:58 pm
Reply to  MangoDave

Love the color!

June 11, 2021 8:20 pm
Reply to  chuckp

Thanks, I agree. It’s even better in person.

Last edited 3 years ago by MangoDave
May 25, 2020 4:36 am
Reply to  Teocalli

So close, finally!

February 6, 2020 3:35 pm
Reply to  Teocalli


February 15, 2020 6:35 pm
Reply to  Teocalli

Very nice! It gives me a little buyers remorse since Stelbel was one of my top choices. It went a different direction. I’m on month four waiting for my frame from Chris Chance. Big question – how did you decide on a color? I can’t decide and it’s driving me crazy!

February 16, 2020 11:32 pm
Reply to  Teocalli

That’s going to look great. Did they give you a timeframe for the paint to be done?

Revisiting my previous comment, buyer’s remorse sounds a bit harsh. I know I’ll be happy with the new frame and I am getting excited about it. It’s just when you have to pick only one from several fantastic builders, it’s difficult.

April 27, 2020 1:34 am
Reply to  Teocalli

I feel your pain now. I just checked in about my frame build – normally it’s 12-24 weeks, I’m past 6 months now. There are supply shortages/disruptions, apparently. The builder (Chris Chance) was using True Temper tubing for years, but it was a well-known fact that they stopped making bicycle tubing recently. This frame will be from Columbus/Reynolds, I’m not sure what magic blend will be used. Still undecided about color. The more time that goes by, the more I explore different schemes.

July 31, 2019 4:38 pm
Reply to  Teocalli

Keep the updates coming, I’m very interested in your project. I hope to visit Stelbel next month.

September 27, 2019 3:26 pm
Reply to  Teocalli

I’m back here on the site after a while away traveling. Then I had to avoid visiting anywhere on the web that would spoil the Vuelta until I watched all of the stage replays. I was so close to Stelbel in Italy, but didn’t make it to the factory/shop. I also really wanted to visit Bixxis. Alas, my travel companions (the spouse and in-laws) had zero interest in messing up our schedule for me to venture out to shop for bikes. Any news on your build?

October 17, 2019 4:58 am
Reply to  Teocalli

After way too much energy spent deliberating a new build I finally made a decision. I really was focused on Stelbel or Bixxis, but came home to my roots for this one. I commissioned Chris Chance, a USA legend, for a build. Other builders offer more custom geometry for the price, but I’m putting my trust in his experience. If I have anything interesting to share about the project, I will. Which section does it belong?

February 28, 2019 9:43 pm

So your bike fit at Super Domestique… what is the connection to Stelbel, if any? Basically, I’m wondering if you will finalize the fit and just tell them how to build it, or is Stelbel involved in the fit process along the way? I may have mentioned, I’ll be in Italy in September and plan on visiting them and hopefully Bixxis. I think that by next year at this time I will be going through some hard decisions like you are now.