The Pain Cave

Into the Cave

Sorry I’ve been a bit absent on updates in the last few weeks, been a bit busy sorting multiple house moves.  Currently 50% through the overall project and taking a bit of a rest before the next part and then still one more to go!

Anyway, we are now in our new (to us) house.  The nice thing is that the previous owner is a Chiropractor and is, amongst other sports, a cyclist and had installed a nice Pain Cave alongside the house.  I now have it partly kitted out and due to 3 days of gales this week, I had my first session in said Cave today.

I think the SO is happy that my choice of music is banished from inside the house!

Good to get the rowing machine back out of storage too.

I will need to do some fixing before Winter as the door is a terrible fit so need to get a proper door frame and maybe a new door too to keep out the weather and cold but I can see that many hours will be spent in there.

Just need to decide on how much of a workshop it also becomes as we are also blessed with a nice large garage.  As the garage is likely to prove dryer than a large shed in the winter it’s more likely that the garage will be the main workshop.

The key thing though is – what are the essentials for a well kitted out Pain Cave?  I might need support here for what is regarded as essential in fully fitting this out!

I may need to build a boathouse though…………

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July 2, 2020 8:39 pm

One more…

IMG_2787 (1).JPG
July 5, 2020 5:23 pm
Reply to  Teocalli

I got these metal pegboards from Amazon. Price is subjective, more than I wanted to pay buy not too bad.

July 2, 2020 8:37 pm

Well, since my pain cave is also my work room, I have the essential tools and inspirational posters. Unfortunately, my in-wall A/C unit is broken at the moment, so it’s ridiculously hot in there. When I step out of there in the afternoon, the ambient 110 degrees on the porch feels rather cool.

IMG_2789 (1).JPG
IMG_2788 (1).JPG