Adding bit of Jewellery


I don’t know about anyone else but during the lockdown I’ve found myself looking at adverts in the magazines more than I used to and following up on many of them via their web sites.

Case in point has been JRC Components that has been popping up with their colourful components from Jockey Wheels to GPS Mounts they have us covered with a range of eye catching colours.


Specifically I was sorting out Wahoo mounts for each of my bikes now that Summer seems to be approaching and I didn’t want to be swapping my existing mounts between bikes.  So I plumped for a fetching blue mount for the Pina Sestriere.

I have to say that I’m really pleased with the purchase.  The mount is well made and the Wahoo GPS is really secure.  I also bought their underslung GoPro mount so that I can pop my front light neatly underneath.

From JRC’s details the mounts are machined 6061 Aluminium body with a hard-wearing resin adapter.  Lightweight at only 36 grams (including bolts).  Suitable for all rounded 31.8mm handlebars (in my case I had an adapter shim for thinner bars).

Available in Garmin and Wahoo configuration with a bolt in puck so replaceable if worn.  Mount comes with two way holes ready tapped for fitting GoPro adapter underneath.

A discrete bit of cheerful jewellery for the bike.

Once the Stelbel finally gets painted I’ll be back for the best match out front mount (top left) to mount on the stem bolts.  Something will end up with some of those jockey wheels too.

Call me a sucker for a bit of bling if you like!  All I really need is to work out how I can get sponsored for posting these things!

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