Assault of the Citadel – Siena


Back to an article this week rather than race picks!  A short breakdown of the climb up to the Citadel at the end of Strade Bianche.

The final climb of Strade Bianche up to the Citadel and IL Campo is via the Porta Fontebranda onto Via Di Fontebranda and then up the Via Di Santa Caterina and then levelling out with the right turn at the top onto Via Della Galluzza.

Looking back down to Ponta Fontebranda


After passing through Porta Fontebranda there is a short kick up that is a bit of a forewarning of what is to come and then a fairly flat section leading towards the main climb.

Left onto Via Di Santa Caterina


The climb up Via Di Santa Caterina is blind as you approach it with a kink left then right onto the climb.

Via Santa Caterina Lower Part


The first part is not too bad and is best to keep seated and save your powder.  It’s steep but steady.  You still can’t see what is to come……

Via Santa Caterina Going Up


Finally as the slope pitches up to its steepest, you can see the top, by this time with the cumulative effects of the ride, it hurts. The last 20 meters do not look inviting!

Strade Bianche Pro’s


It is almost a battle of the will to keep the pedals turning to get to the right turn onto the flat.


Via Santa Caterina Nearly There


By this point you are either walking or have eyeballs popping out on stalks – or be way, way younger than I.

Via Santa Caterina – just keep the pedals turning!


Finally the grandstand seats for the climb.

Via Santa Caterina Grandstand

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