Grand Depart 2019 (ish)

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Just back from Brussels after riding a charity ride Prostate Cancer UK Grand Depart.  Really well organised event with all sorts of abilities taking part.  It was somewhat warm (British understatement there!).

Interesting to near follow the route but there are loads of road sections still being resurfaced.  Makes you wonder why they leave such work so late, surely the riders would prefer not to be riding on fresh tarmac.  Especially if it is likely to be hot and melting.  The thought of a crash and road rash from fresh tarmac hardly bears thinking about.

Coming back into Brussels on the TdF route was a bit of a mare on a busy Saturday afternoon!

Oh and we cleared the Muur and Bosberg.

Rather “interesting” in exploring my current limits of endurance.  I’m presuming it’s related to my ongoing treatment but the march of Father Time could also be contributing.  That bugger seems to walk Hand in Hand with The Man with The Hammer…..

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