Moon Comet-X Rear Light

Gazzetta, Tech

I came across these a while back while looking at seat rail brackets for rear lights.  Well, I finally took the plunge and bought one.

First impressions out of the packing were good.  It comes with a belt hook, seat post fitting and the seat rail fitting and charge cable (not shown below) as standard and the light itself seems to be of solid construction and can be mounted horizontally or vertically in any of the mounts supplied.  The light has a mini USB charge port and on/off button on the back.

Moon Comet-X Pack


Boasting multiple modes it has 3 Modes for steady light (10/15/25 Lumen) and 3 Flash modes (10/25/25 Lumen) plus a Day Flash mode (50 Lumen) giving a double flash.  In day flash mode it has a quoted battery life of 19:30 hours.

Fitting to the seat rails was simple but I discovered a bonus in that if you fit it upside down on the rising part of the seat rails at the rear it tucks nicely under the saddle.  Net is a really neat rear end.  If you were wearing a jacket with a drop tail in bad weather it would likely obscure the light – but as I rarely ride #1 in bad weather with my Perfetto jacket this is not really a draw back in mounting it that way.  Plus in bad weather I tend to fit an additional seat post light anyway.

Given the lockdown I can’t ask my buddy how bright it is from the rear but it looks pretty decent from standing in the garden looking at its effect.

I call that a tidy rear end.

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