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On The Rivet Awards 2018 – Results

Very Best Wishes to everyone for Christmas and the New Year.

Just for a bit of fun, welcome to On The Rivet 2018 Golden Rivet and Rusty Rivet awards.  Please submit your nominations below, please keep them polite!  Hopefully obviously, Golden Rivet is for your best moment/item from 2018 and Rusty Rivet is for your plonker moment/item.  You can make multiple nominations but please limit your enthusiasm to a max of 3 in each category.  You do need to Log In to make your nominations.

Voting will be added once we have a number of submissions.  You will be able to vote for your top 3 in each category – well I guess strictly speaking the Rusty Rivet is your bottom 3.  Scores will then be applied 3,2,1 and the podiums will be calculated on New Year’s Day.

Note:  Nominations do NOT appear automatically in the Nominations Table.  I will keep it updated as frequently as I can.

Golden Rivet Nominations 2018

MangoDaveVincenzo NibaliNibbles' win in Milan San Remo. He used his daredevil descending skills to open a gap, then sheer determination to hold on to win a race normally reserved for the sprinters.

I also agree with The nomination of Froome and his big breakaway in the Giro.
GrumpyGrimpeurPeter SaganFor racing the Worlds, knowing that he wouldn't win, so that he could be the one to award the winner with the medal and jersey, an idea he took from championship belts in boxing. Regardless of your feelings on Valverde, Sagan's consummate professionalism in passing the buck is commendable.
WiscotSimon YatesIn the age of powermeters and watching and waiting for rivals to crack, Yates took the Giro by the scruff of the neck and almost carried it off. Rode beyond his years and learned a lot in the process - as we saw in the Vuelta. Chapeau!
WiscotChris FroomeNot usually a big Sky/Froome fan, but his winning ride in the Giro deserves consideration. Big time gamble which could have backfired easily. It didn't, and it enters the annals of Giro legend. Chapeau.
WiscotTiesj BenootWinning Strade Bianche in an old-school way on a crappy weather day.
TeocalliGeraint ThomasFor his TdF win and manner in doing so. On taking the YJ - "Phew Alp d'Huez man. I'm speechless"
ChuckpFabio AruFor crashing in the Vuelta and calling his Colnago a "shit bike". Made me laugh watching it!

Rusty Rivet Nominations 2018

GrumpyGrimpeurDave BrailsfordFor keeping Gianni Moscon on his team's roster despite punching a competitor in the face (on top of his pre-established cheating, racism, and general hot-headedness).
TeocalliWarren BarguilOK he came 2nd in the TdF Mountains Category but that was it in 2018. Hardly lived up to his rhetoric in having a team formed around him.
Teocalli & GrumpyGrimpeurEusebio Unzué / MovistarFor picking 3 leaders for the TdF that were never going to work together.
For their "unstoppable" trident of power at Le Tour. Yeesh.


Golden Rivet                                           Rusty Rivet

1st = Thomas, Yates                                                       1st Unzue (Movistar)

2nd = Nibali, Benoot                                                       2nd Brailsford

3rd Froome                                                                      3rd Barguil

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December 31, 2018 4:01 pm

I believe the Adam Yates nomination in the Golden Rivet category is meant to be Simon… unless I’m losing my mind.

December 30, 2018 7:07 pm

If it’s not too late to make a nomination for Golden Rivet … Fabio Aru for crashing in the Vuelta and calling his Colnago a “shit bike.” Yes, that deserves a Golden Rivet!

December 31, 2018 1:55 am
Reply to  chuckp

Don’t you mean Rusty, not golden? I like your nomination. Reminds me of the idiot who caused Nibali to crash out – that guy deserves a dishonorable mention.

December 31, 2018 11:23 am
Reply to  Teocalli

For the record, I actually did mean Golden Rivet. I know y’all think calling a Colnago is sacrilegious. But, honestly, it was a hilarious moment IMHO. I literally LOL’ed watching it. As Sgt Hulka said in the movie Stripes, “Lighten up, Francis.” Or as Peter Sagan says in his book, “Why so serious?” C’mon guys … laugh.