OTRL Results 2019 Summary

Gazzetta, OTR League

Many thanks to all who participated in the 2019 OTRL.  Thanks for keeping me in line when I ballsed up results now an again but I think we have an honest result and if we don’t the statute of limitations has run out on protests!  I think in general we did pretty well and there were not too many events where we were complete dunces across the board.  For me having to run the OTRL seemed to help me keep more abreast of the Pro Scene with my picks and I certainly has a better showing than previous years elsewhere.

Overall, Rick proved to have the season pacing and stamina right.  After a paced start he eased through the Peloton in the second half of the season and pulled clear in the final quarter.  Chapeau.

First prize is a Celeste watch.  Rick, not sure that you are a Bianchi rider but hopefully it may match something.  If not, then contrasting colours will have to be the style of the day.

OTRL 2019 1st Place


Second prize is a (more or less) complete bike.  Unfortunately sizing is a bit on the small size and they are old school mega thin wheels.  May be a bit tough to ride but hopefully it will work as a Pizza Cutter.  DanCollins appeared to be driving towards the overall top spot before Rick’s later season surge but it was close run till the final few events.  Chapeau.

OTRL 2019 2nd Place


Teocalli was disqualified from third spot for some Dubious Drafting, excess Sticky Bottle and/or plain hanging on to the Team Car.  So that promotes MangoDave and Chuckp to joint third spot.  Each will receive a Kwaremont Beer Glass.  Chapeaux.

OTRL 2019 3rd Place


Many thanks to all, it’s been a fun season.  Initially just working out how to use WordPress and subsequently working out how to fine tune things was an interesting new challenge for me.  It’s still pretty manual behind the scenes, a bit like the figurative Duck, serene on the surface and pedalling furiously below.  I may look to tweak a few things over the winter.  Many thanks to my mate Nigel for his invaluable help in getting the site up and fixing it after my SP screwed it up a couple of times with “upgrades”.

Hope you will continue to visit through the closed season and that you will all be back for The Classics.  If you could all try to promote the site maybe we can get some more participants.

Now I just need to remember how I configured that countdown timer for the start of the 2020 Classics season!


PS – Prizes are in order of cost – but I think those Kwaremont glasses are really cool.  The stem has a cyclist and the base is textured to simulate cobbles.  Going to have to get myself one!

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