Possibly the Perfect Pocket Pouch


Over the years I’ve gone through numerous iterations of pouches for my emergency tool kit on the go.  Key criteria is that it and the components have to be minimalist, not rattle and fit easily in a jersey pocket.

Some iterations have been close but until this year each had some limitations be it too long, to fat, too wide, too heavy, too big.  I know there are some versions of purpose designed pouches but they invariably are expensive and mostly somewhat bulky.

Finally this year I think I’ve found possibly the perfect Pocket Pouch.

Key criteria,

  1. Fits a jersey pocket – tick
  2. Lightweight (it’s single thickness nylon but well made) – tick
  3. Perfectly holds my spares – tick
  4. Cheap – tick

The item in question came from Muji, a shop that describes itself as “with the purpose of restoring a vision of products that are actually useful for the customer and maintain an ideal of the proper balance between living and the objects that make it possible”.  I’ve previously come close with a couple of their pouches but this summer I found one in the local store that seems to have come up trumps for my requirements.

My emergency kit precisely fits in this pouch and it’s just the right size for a jersey pocket.

Contents of my emergency pouch are shown below.

Emergency Pack Contents


Left to right and top to bottom:

  1. Topeak patch kit holding spare valve core and quick link
  2. Lezyne instant patches
  3. Nitrile gloves
  4. Inner tube
  5. Tyre levers
  6. Multitool
  7. CO2
  8. CO2 adapter
  9. Tyre boot (piece of old tyre with the bead cut off)

Just need to find a purpose for a drawerful of nearly but not quite samples.

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December 30, 2019 5:34 pm

Best wishes to we merry few on this site! Thanks to Teocalli for all his hard work and efforts.

I got a ride in on Christmas Eve and yesterday: 37 and 40 miles respectively. My lack of fitness was quite shocking after a month off outside rides due to crap weather, being ill and sundry vacation things. Here in southeast Wisconsin we’re on for 3-4″ of snow today/tomorrow- perfect for a fat bike ride on NY day.

Wishing one and all the very best for a safe and happy 2020.

December 28, 2019 1:25 am

I’ve been using one from Silca that I like. It’s smaller, so it won’t hold as much. I have another pocket for the spare tube and mini pump. Misses on the cheap aspect. I assume the tyre boot is to reinforce the tyre in case of a large cut?

December 28, 2019 6:02 pm
Reply to  Teocalli

I also have weight weenie tendencies, which just inspired me to measure things. The Silca pouch is 72g empty. My mini tool is 100g, pump is 80g. The pouch is approximately 70g heavier than the plastic bag I used to carry. I guess that’s much I have to lose around my waist.

December 28, 2019 6:16 pm
Reply to  Teocalli

Had a thought…. would something like that be a worthy OTR League prize? Id be willing to donate a pouch (purchased by me- I dont have insider connections) or a different accessory of similar worth.