Some lovin’ for my Felt FC


My Felt FC was semi-permanently mounted on my KICKR over the winter and into the spring. Any outdoor rides were on my Colnago. Decided my Felt needed some lovin’. Replaced the Ultegra 6800 RD with a new Ultegra 8000 RX clutch RD. Not because I necessarily need the clutch mechanism, but my 6800 RD was a short cage and I really needed a medium/long cage for my set up (50/34 with 11-30). I was able to buy the RX for a lot cheaper (~$80 USD) than a regular Ultegra RD (~$120). Don’t ask me why since MSRP on both is about the same. Put on a shiny new KMC bling Mr. T gold chain. Interestingly, when I took the old chain off (~5000 miles) and put the new chain next to it, there was hardly any difference, i.e., very little chain stretch. And it was time to refresh my #realmenridepink #realmenwearkpink bar tape. Got out for a fairly brisk paced rouleur ride on Saturday. 65 miles with not quite 2,500 feet of elevation gain. Had almost forgotten what a sweet ride my Felt FC is.

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