The Spinning Machine Saga – Part 2


Photo – BB with broken drive side axle

Well, the Windscreen Wiper Puller didn’t fit, not enough space between the Crank and the Frame.  I very much doubt that it would have been able to apply enough pressure anyway to get the Crank of the taper.  I tried my 3 leg bearing puller but it was not possible to get that engaged on the crank as the arm gets in the way of the third leg.

So after consulting with another mechanic I returned armed with some “not advised on your bike” techniques involving Paint Stripper, a Dremel with Wire Brush attachment plus a slightly worn Crank Extractor (to give a bit more leeway on the thread).  I also rang a gym equipment parts supplier and they confirmed it should be a Shimano BB with British Thread – good to know as I was expecting the thing to be well tight after the years it had been in there.

Using the somewhat “don’t try this on your best bike” approach plus a bit of extra oomph the LHS Crank was duly extracted.

Given the age of the machine and the time the BB had been in there I was expecting some issues getting the Cartridge BB out.  So I had also returned with a suitably long lever extension to my socket wrench plus a can of penetrating oil.

Oil applied and take a coffee break.

Gnnnnnnnnnnnn – hmm.  Was on the point of asking the lady that runs the gym for a bit of extra power when I had a thought……….

The nice thing about Spinning Machines (if there is one!) is that they are build like the proverbial Brick Sh*t house.  So laid the thing on it’s side and braced my leg on the frame for extra leverage, applied a good heave and managed to get the BB out.


So it is a standard Shimano BB.  Part ordered from my LBS and duly fitted.  Funny how these things are so simple and easy to put back together vs take apart.

Bit of a saga but pleased that the darned thing did not defeat me.

If you have a Spinning Machine that needs servicing, don’t ring me!

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January 28, 2020 8:56 pm


January 24, 2020 8:49 pm

I hope you got something for this… unless it’s a charity gym !