Timing Style by Teocalli


I have a bit of a thing for watches.  They don’t have to be expensive, just a bit different.

It came about this way………

I have a couple of nice watches that I would not wear during sporting activities.  So I bought an inexpensive digital watch for riding (and other activities).  After a while I found that a bit bulky when cycling so went a bit retro with a slimmer Casio which was the same as one I had in the early days of digital watches.

Then age related eyesight deterioration meant that I was having difficulty reading that, so changed back to an analogue face, black watch with white face, which is easier to read.  Besides, I don’t want to know that it is 10:42:46 when I’m out riding.  Knowing that it is “a bit before 11” is fine – and a darn site quicker to assimilate on an analogue watch.



A black watch was a bit boring so I bought a red one to match the colour tones on #1 – OK black matches the Carbon but that was the boring part.






Then it struck me that I could not wear a red watch on either of my blue bikes.  So a blue watch followed.




Most of my kit is either red or blue – pretty much for the same reasons.  However, there are times when I do wear a blue jersey on #1 or red on one of the blue bikes (mainly due to which kit best suits prevailing weather conditions).




So here is my quandary,  should the watch match the kit or the bike?



I also have a white watch but no white bike…………







ADVANCE NOTICE:  Next week we will run the On The Rivet annual awards.  You will be able to nominate your best moments of 2018 for the Golden Rivet award.  Conversely you will also be able to nominate plonker moments for the Rusty Rivet award.

Please hold fire on nominations till next week.  I will put up a form for nominations.  Once we have a few nominations I will add the ability to vote.  So put on your thinking hats and watch this space next week.

In the interim, Very Best Wishes for Christmas.

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