UCI Road World Championships

OTR League

The Worlds this year are in God’s Own County capping off a great series of events over the last few years in Yorkshire.

For the OTRL we have selected only the Men’s and Women’s Road Races to save having a frenetic sequence of picks – and me trying to keep track of things.

So we have the Women’s Road Race on Saturday 28th and the Men’s Road Race on Sunday 29th.

For the Women, how fitting would it be for Lizzie Deignan to bow out with another win.  Personally, I will be tooting for her.

For the Men, will the new young guns on the block be able to outwit the more experienced players – will Coppi be proved right “Age and treachery will overcome youth and skill”?

Last year’s top 5 were:


  1. Anna van der Breggen (Netherlands)
  2. Amanda Spratt (Australia)
  3. Tatiana Guderzo (Italy)
  4. Emilia Fahlin (Sweden)
  5. Malgorzata Jasinska (Poland)


  1. Alejandro Valverde (Spain)
  2. Romain Bardet (France)
  3. Michael Woods (Canada)
  4. Tom Dumoulin (Netherlands)
  5.  Gianni Moscon (Italy)

Details on schedule, routes and riders can be found here.

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September 24, 2019 6:13 pm

What a ride by Chloe Dygert Owen today to win Women’s TT! Remember watching her ride as a junior to win both TT and road race in Richmond in 2015. https://www.velonews.com/2019/09/news/dygert-owen-storms-to-tt-world-title-in-yorkshire_500960