Word Tour Team Kits 2019


All Photos  by respective team publicity shots


Well, the 2019 season is upon us and The Classics are not far away.  So what of the new season team kits?

Given current trends in recreational kit it might be expected for some teams to have more multicolour or more random patterned schemes but perhaps the predominance of large block colours is driven by the desire for sponsors to have a clear billboard for their logos.  Hardly a surprise really.

FDJ continue with white shorts but we have got used to that and AG2R is something of an acquired taste.  I actually quite liked their previous kit but not so sure on the darker brown this year.  CCC Sprand will not be difficult to spot so best wishes to GVA for The Classics to put orange to the fore.

Net I don’t think there are any horror shows coming out.

EF Pro / Rapha


EF Pro Cycling and Rapha have said in their publicity that they intended to shake things up a bit “be a disrupter”.

I was expecting a few more along these general lines – so is this a new trend or a small aberration?




At least the trend for multiple teams with a lot of black seems to have gone away and teams should be easy to differentiate on the TV.

Here’s to a great 2019 season.

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